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   Welcome To Souls Tied In Eternity.  This site is dedicated to the very talented Kelly Monaco and Michael Easton who played on daytimes best soap opera, Port Charles.  Kelly Monaco portrayed the character Livvie Locke and also the character of Tess.   Michael Easton portrayed the character Caleb Morley and his alter ego, Michael Morley. 
These two together have the most chemistry on screen than I have ever seen.  Caleb and Livvie are eternal soulmates.  I hope you enjoy my website and come back often, I promise we don't bite.  Never forget this one thing: "Dead doesn't always mean dead in Port Charles."  Before you leave don't forget to check out my soap store.


Together Olivia, Bound To Each Other. Through The Ages, To Come Of Your Own Free Will. Both Our Souls, Tied In Eternity, Above And Beyond Death Itself.  A Pact Of Blood, Mingling The Warm Essence Of Our Love.  We Are One,

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I am in no way affiliated with ABC, Michael Easton, Kelly Monaco, etc.  This is merely a fansite for entertainment only!